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2AK ENVIRONMENT is a solution dedicated to construction companies, owners of industrial plants, petrol stations and local governments. It enables the removal of oil contamination from the soil by means of 2A Sp. z o. o. biopreparate. 2AK ENVIRONMENT provides also services in the field of environmental protection, waste treatment, waste collection and training services.

Biopreparate enables bioremediation of such contaminations as: petroleum derivatives, sludges from settling tanks, aliphatic hydrocarbons, compounds from the PAH group (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and their chlorinated derivatives (such as polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs).

The use of 2AK ENVIRONMENT new technology for introducing and maintaining a biopreparation for cleaning contaminated soil makes it possible to achieve the following benefits:

  • pollutants are the source of energy needed to neutralize them
  • there is a total and direct distribution of pollutants, not their transfer between different media (often observed in the case of physicochemical methods)
  • the use of pathways and metabolic cycles of microorganisms leads to final transformation products, i.e. to H₂O and CO₂,
  • the use of selected microorganisms can shorten the reclamation time from many years to several - several months

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