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2AK CHEMICALS is a 2AK company solution in the removal of pollutants from fuels, including biofuels and biodiesel.


The first "fuel treatment" service in Poland eliminates problems related to clogged filters in dispensers, contaminated pipeline installation, sludge in pumps or swimmers stuck with floats, caused by diesel oil with added esters. The method was entirely developed by the company 2AK Sp. z o. o. from Cholerzyn and is based on the fuel additives produced by it, tested by the Institute of Biotechnology of the Cracow University of Technology.
This method completely eliminates bacteria that, living in a biofuel environment, are responsible for the formation of organic deposits affecting the purity of diesel oil stored in tanks. Out team comes to the gas station, removes the water collected from the tanks at the bottom (even the minimum quantities), then the filter assembly eliminates deposits and, with the help of the fuel additive, heals the tank, completely eliminating the re-development of sediments.
The method is effective, solves the problem of Customers’ complaints about clogged filters in distributors and Customers’ for clogged filters in vehicles. It works for each concentration of esters in the fuel and brings many benefits:

  • Removes water from the tank
  • Reduces the cost of service station service.
  • Solves the problem of compensation for any fuel filters in vehicles.
  • Eliminates undesirable, microbiological life in fuels, thus eliminating deposits (glutes) from biofuels on distributors' filters, inside pumps, flow meters, in pipelines and entire infrastructure.
  • Improves the performance of metering devices and ensures efficient operation of the entire fuel technical infrastructure.
  • Preserves the above-average purity of diesel fuel, improving its properties

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