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2AK Sp z o.o. it is a service integrator for the chemical, fuel and industrial sectors. Our mission is to ensure safe and ecological maintenance of the infrastructure of industrial and fuel facilities both at the stage of their construction, daily work and after liquidation. We implement the mission with the help of the 3 main groups of solutions:

2AK CHEMICALS manufactures fuel additives, including bioadditives, that remove the problem of contaminated fuel in tanks. Along with the fuel filtration service, we remove deposits from fuel filters, pumps, flow meters, pipelines, etc. The offer also includes cleaning chemicals for petroleum and hydrocarbon products, intended for professional and home use

2AK ENVIRONMENT manufactures a preparation for bioremediation and revitalization of contaminated sites. The solution in the liquid and dry form applied directly to the soil in a completely natural way removes oil-based contamination from the soil without the need to export it.

2AK AUTOMATION manufactures and provides services in the field of industrial automation for explosion hazardous areas. We provide safe work in the EX zones.

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2AK Sp. z o.o.
Cholerzyn 279
32-060 Liszki, Poland
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+48 12 425 30 90
+48 509 101 216

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